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Band Members

Kutte Guitar & Screams
Ludo Guitar & Growls

Cassian Drums & Back-Vocals
Azalon Bass & Clean-Vocals


Das neue Land

Das neue Land | 2010

Release: 26.02.2010
Label: SMP/Trollzorn | Soul Food


01. Das neue Land (Teil 1)
02. Weiße Pferde
03. Der Niedergang
04. Lost Belief
05. Hinter den Toren
06. Intermezzo
07. Das neue Land (Teil 2)
08. Bruderschaft
09. Reason Why
10. 2010
11. Die Geißel der Erde
12. Erinnerung

Length: 75:00 min.
Aus alter Zeit

Aus alter Zeit | 2007

Release: 10.05.2007
Label: SMP/Trollzorn


01. Samhain
02. Warlord
03. Kane
04. Aus alter Zeit
05. Falcon
06. Bloodthirst
07. Die Wiederkehr
08. Hero
09. Dekaden des Leids

Length: 53:13 min.

Band History

TARABAS originally has been founded in 2004, although the idea for this kind of project was already developed earlier by Steve Kuhnert (Bass) and Alexander "Kutte May" (guitar & screaming vocals). Karl-Ludwig "Ludo" Stephan (guitar & growls) and Cassian Heim (drums & backing-vocals) joined the band subsequently.

Thus, the sanguinary pack was complete, wrote the first songs and was ready to hit the stage. Right from the start, the musical genre was clear and even though the songs that were written by the single members sounded deceased, they matched in a greater perspective of style.

Kutte, Ludo and Cassian always have been responsible for new song creations and therefore each one of them composed entire songs for TARABAS, including the lyrics. Hence, every single piece of music by TARABAS contains the personal style of the composer and thus creates enormous variety within the band.

The theme of TARABAS ' music was also indisputable from the beginning. Tarabas intends to tell exactly about the old tales and battles that warriors told each other in gloomy nights at the campfire. But don't you think of an undraped reproduction of existing fables and tales, it's their own fantasy of that the tales of TARABAS arise from Stylistically, TARABAS performs in an area they like to consider as "Melodic-Death-Metal From Ancient Times". After TARABAS was established, the four warriors entered various stages and gained publicity as well as experience.
In september 2006, TARABAS hit the studio for the first time to ban their collective work on CD, so the world could partake in their creations. The first record "Aus alter Zeit" was born and afterwards published by "Trollzorn Records". Mostly excellent reviews would be the answer to it. Motivated by that, TARABAS fought battle after battle until they decided to break up with bassist Steve Kuhnert. Instantly the search for a new comrade-in-arms started and ended quickly, as Marcel "Azalon" Kramer allied with his "Trollzorn-brothers".

In this new formation, TARABAS entered the studio again in 2009 to feed the hungry crowd with a 75-minute long player, that certainly can be considered as the most intense project in their band history.
Armed with "Das Neue Land", the band headed straight to a their well known designation – to blow rooms away and to set the audience on fire.

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